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About Johanna Levis

Do you feel connected to your soul?

I suppose for my whole life i was wanting to know the purpose for being here on the planet, i did find it eventually. I am here to help people connect to their soul and generally to lift their energy up and help people to love themselves more.


We are living in exciting time as everything is now changing and the way life was is ending. To connect to your soul has now become essential to navigate life and know where we need to go or do next.

Connecting to the Akasha, the all there is is a very powerful way to live and learn and move deeper into your own truth. 

How i help you

An Akashic reading can be a life changing event, finding answers to questions and situations that might have been life long or even several life times long. It can also be about the future or the right now.

I work in person or online on zoom and each session is an hour long. We use an opening question to get the ball 
rolling. It's a good idea to record the reading as there is usually a lot of information to digest so it's a good idea to listen to the reading again or a few times.

Your soul is looking for you

About Johanna Levis business

And that is why i would love to work with you. You are a very special being walking on this planet and there is only one of you, that is what is so amazing about connecting to your soul. When we flow with our core our whole life flows and we start to create an amazing life where you are the one creating rather than your surroundings.

I have been on my self discovery journey practically my whole life. I was definitely the odd one in my family when growing up in Sweden. I was very connected to my soul from the beginning and i didn't understand some of the behaviour of the people around me. Joy is a natural state for us all when we are connected to our soul.

I became a qualified counsellor and worked in the welfare world but i found it not very creative so i went to Art-school and worked in my own design business. Along the way i moved more into healing as i have natural abilities. Im an empath, clairvoyant, healer and i channel spirit. I also trained in Energy healing, Akashic record reading, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Massage. 

ATMS accreditation AU-1016

ABN 75210512665

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