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Do you feel connected to your inner self?

It's becoming increasingly important to come back to yourself, find some peace and to know who you are into your core. Are you feeling like so many other people now that our day to day lives have very little room for soul searching and honouring your inner self. Without that solid core most of us flounder around and feel directionless and disconnected and end up in situations you don't want to be in.

Being connected to your inner self and your soul need to be more of a commitment and become an important daily practice for life to start flowing in the way you want it to. To know yourself and have a strong sense of self creates an amazing foundation for creating the life you want.

How i help you

I help people to reconnect to their divine inner self in a beautiful process called "INNER SELF HEALING". It starts with connecting to your heart and really feeling where in your life you are struggling the most and how changing that would transform your life.

Then we invite your higher self and mine to create a sacred space where deep transformation can take place. I then bring you into a very deep relaxed state connection to your subconscious mind which is a data bank for everything. It stores your beliefs, your previous experience, your skills and your memories. Every time you have an idea, or an emotion, a memory or image from the past, this is the subconscious mind communicating with your conscious mind.


From our higher selves i channel all the information that your higher self wants you to know about yourself, this is recorded so that you can listen to the information as many times as you want to.


In this deep state of relaxation being connected to your subconscious and guided by your higher self, deep truth comes to the surface and any memories or emotional issues that are keeping you disconnected from your real self will be transformed and a deep healing occur.

I will also use a modified version of time line therapy to access any unconscious emotions or issues that keep you from being connected to your inner self.

Inner self healing usually requires several sessions to really connect to the core to create lasting change and transformation but are available in a single 1 hour session or a bundle of 3x1hour sessions. 


Your inner being is looking for you

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And that is why i would love to work with you. You are a very special being walking on this planet and there is only one of you, that is what is so amazing about connecting to your inner self. When we flow with our core our whole life flows and we start to create an amazing life where you are the one creating rather than your surroundings.

I have been on my self discovery journey practically my whole life. I was definitely the odd one in my family when growing up in Sweden. I was very connected to my soul from the beginning and i didn't understand some of the behaviour of the people around me. Joy is a natural state for us all when we are connected to our inner being.

I became a qualified counsellor and worked in the welfare world but i found it not very creative so i went to Art-school and worked in my own design business. Along the way i moved more into healing as i have natural abilities. Im an empath, clairvoyant, healer and i channel spirit. I also trained in Energy healing, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Massage. 

ATMS accreditation AU-1016

ABN 75210512665