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Akashic record reading

Have you ever wanted to know the origins of feelings, thoughts and behaviour in your life? So you can release them to have a life of peace, joy and balance?

Have you wondered what your true purpose is in this life or why some situations keep on happening over and over again?

Accessing your soul records in the Akashic records is an amazingly eye opening and transformative way to find out why you do the things you do, or why you behave the way you do in this lifetime.

With a soul truth reading or energy healing you have the opportunity to discover so much more about yourself.


A reading goes for a approximately one hour and we start the reading with an opening question. Something big in your life, a problem you have not been able to answer or a health issue you need help with. To find the origins of repeated behaviours and patterns is very helpful to move forward in a new way.


The readings are on a deep soul level and therefore connects to issues stored in your subconscious that we have no conscious awareness of. So, when the truth is brought to the surface, a great healing can occur and you can see yourself from a new perspective and come away with a senses of purpose, clarity and joy. 

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