Inner self healing


I talk directly to the soul, the higher self, and move into an altered state when i work with people this way, powerful healing can take place both physically, mentally or spiritually. Sometimes with touch or just connecting deeply in the heart and soul with the client.

I can give readings that direct you towards empowering yourself so you can heal yourself or make decisions that are helpful in your life.


Healing can happen in an instant for some or take longer for others depending on the openness in the heart and soul and the willingness to let go of the condition and surrender to equilibrium. I like to keep things very simple and grounded and create a useful outcome.

Healing is in essence a change in vibration, a lifting in consciousness. Dis-ease or discord in the body is the result of repeated belief and thinking in a way that creates disharmony in the body and mind. Learning to focus on harmony and tranquility effects the body enormously. All healing comes from within so the healer merely assists the recipient to lift their own thought patterns. By connecting to the heart/soul and ultimately the higher self the fountain of your own wisdom, power and knowledge, everything can be changed, all conditions.