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Inner self healing for people who want to connect to their genuine self.

Hi I'm Johanna and i help people who feel disconnected and directionless find their inner self in a beautiful process called INNER SELF HEALING.

Are you sick of feeling lost and stuck not really knowing how to move forward in your life, when you could be feeling sure where your next step is.

I know exactly how that feels, that was me before i really learned to trust that small inner voice. I spent years meditating and studying everything and anything to do with the soul but i still coulden't connect strongly and consistently until i found the inner me, which had nothing to do with anything outside of myself.

I then created inner self healing which is a combination of everything i have learned and studied over the years to help others to also find their inner self for inner connection, clarity and self love.

How we can work together

I will tune into you and your higher self then guide you so that you can become aware of all the areas in your life that need transformation. I also use a modified version of time line therapy to pinpoint areas in your life that might be holding you back and release them.

Every one deserves to feel deeply connected to themselves and have self love and clarity, this is what i love to help others achieve, and i look forward to achieving this for you.

I also do hands on healing in person. I can see psychically with my hands and will read your physical, emotional and spiritual health and at the same time connect to your higher self and guides. The divine healing energy that comes through is what we are all made of and i believe that everyone can eventually access this divine flow when opened up and aligned. 

I work in person locally or on zoom. If this sounds like something that would benefit you click the link and book your sessions now.

A few kind words

            Melissa Bollen

Johanna you are truly amazing and gifted. You gave me great insight and clarity. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey. I feel very blessed to have connected to you.

           Dan Ingram

From the beginning to end Johanna really helped to show me the cause of my issues and the steps to resolve them. She is very insightful and genuine.

     Madonna Kelly-Ford

Thank you Johanna for the clarity i received in my sessions. A truly beautiful and blessed soul with an amazing ability to translate information from spirit. Her presence is of a gentle angelic feel. Im so grateful for meeting you. Blessings to you xxx